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Nevis School District will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2012. In celebration of 100 years, a history book is being researched and compiled. The book will be ready for the reunion. Attached are several pages that will be included in the book. I am still looking for additional memories from Nevis alumni and past teachers. Also, if you have pictures that you would be willing to share, they can be scanned while you wait. The plan is for the book to include all of the pages attached, plus lots of pictures, and a complete history of the school. The information that has been obtained is from newspaper articles, school board minutes, memories of former students and teachers, and research at the school and county archives. Please note that this project is a work in progress. If you have something to add or have a correction, please contact Principal Jodi Sandmeyer. I hope that you enjoy reading the information.


Attached Documents:
1953 Report
Art Work
Co-Curricular Arts
Co-Curricular Science, LifeSmarts, Knowledge Bowl
Co-Curricular Student Council, Spelling Bee, Cheerleading
Co-Curricular Target, NHS, FCCLA
Co-Curricular Trips
Foreign Exchange Students
Graduates 1917-2009 (Year Order)
Graduates 1917-2009 (Alphabetical)
House Plans and Special Awards
John Philip Sousa Award
Leadership Conferences
National School Choral Award
Nevis School History Questionnaire
School Board Members 1920-1978
School Song
Sports Assistant and Junior High Coaches
Sports Varsity Overview
Staff - Annual Dedication
Staff - Vol Coor, Com Ed, Annual Report, AD
Table of Contents



Table of Contents

• School Board Members
• Superintendents (19)
        Peter Kavanagh
        John Smith
        R. Kirkonnel
        Alvin E. Carlson
        Sondne George Reishus
        Carl Sylvester Ingebrigtson
        Floyd Richard Buck
        Leonard Charles Purrington
        Louis M. Schroeder
        Herbert Franz Wolff
        Donald Eugene Jostad
        James Gregory Belden
        Edward Hegbom Ness
        John Edward Marlett
        Edward Hegbom Ness
        Marlowe E. Halbur
        Richard Dean Magaard
        Douglas McGee DeWitt
        Steven Rassier

• Principals (35)
        Nellie S. King
        R. Kirkcannel
        Rudoph Malvin Fjelstad
        Ms. Dahl
        Walter M. Schold
        R.J. Reynolds
        Julian Sletten
        Chester M. Olson
        Katherine O. Horten
        Carl Sylvester Ingebrigtson
        Amy Mattson
        Leona Larson
        Gregor August Haseley
        Margaret Harrison
        Lynn Sykes
        Elsa E. Moos
        Herbert Franz Wolff
        Earl Hedman
        Harold Norman Wood
        Clarence Clinton Gordon
        George Keith Sycks
        Edward Roll Brekke
        James Gregory Belden
        Robert David Mitchell
        William Maki
        Edward Hegbom Ness
        Morris James Bennett
        Edward Hegbom Ness
        Martin Jon Avelsgaard
        Victor Lenander Larson
        Richard Dean Magaard
        Carol Ione Collins
        Jodi Lynn Sandmeyer
        Sharon Hadrava
• Staff
        Teachers of the Year
        Annual Dedication
        Staff – that are alumni
        Community Education Director
        Activities Directors
        Volunteer Coordinator
        Spelling Bee Coordinator
• School Statistics
• Graduates

Nevis School History
• 1912 Nevis School Built
• 1922 Addition
• 1953 School Forest
• 1954 Small gym built
• 1972 First Kindergarten Class
• 1978 Temporary band room was added
• 1980 New gym floor and bleachers
• 1987 Nevis School rebuilt
• 1994 Tiger Arena, media center, band room addition, elementary classrooms
• 1994 ECFE building
• 1996 Bus Garage built
• 1997 Tigerelli’s
• 1998 Science classroom built
• 2000 Playground built
• 2000 Mosaics
• 2002 Temporary classrooms built
• 2004 Fitness Center built
• 2006 All-Day, Every-Day Kindergarten

• College in the High School program
• Housing Classes
• Envirothon
        State Participants
• Science Fair
        State Participants
• Robotics
• Life Smarts
        State Participants
• Knowledge Bowl
        State participants
• Art Work
• Vocal
        All State Choir
        National Choral Award
        New choir robes 2009
• Speech/Declamation
        State participants
• One-Act
• Musical
• Instrumental
        All State Band
        John Phillip Sousa Award
        Uniforms (196? New band uniforms were purchased, 1988 cross-stitchers created sweatshirts)
• Target
• National Honor Society
• Student Council
• Trips

Leadership Conferences
• Hugh O’Brien and Minnesota MILE Conference
• Girls’ State Conference
• Boys’ State Conference
• Special Awards
        National Merit Finalist
        Prudential Spirit National Winner
        Wendy’s High School Heisman State Finalists
        Coca-Cola National Winner
        MSHSL Triple A Sub-Section 29 winner
        MSHSL ExCEL State Winner Athletics
• School Song
• Mascot
• Varsity Sports Overview
        Boy’s Basketball
        Cross Country
        Girls’ Basketball
        Softball Track
• Assistant and Junior High Coaches
• State Participants
        Cross Country
        Football Team
• All-State and Honorable Mentions
        Boys’ Basketball
        Girls’ Basketball
• Academic All-State
        Boys’ Basketball
        Girls’ Basketball
• Basketball
        1000 and 2000 point club
• Football
        1000 yard rushing
        1000 yard receiving
• Volleyball
        1000 Digs
        1000 Kills
        1000 Sets

Alumni Stories

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