Health Services - Immunization Requirements

What immunizations or shots are needed to attend school?
- The information below is copied directly from the Minnesota Department of Health Information sheet ID 52799 (MDH, 10/2014) “Are Your Kids Ready for School?”,

Here is a summary of how many shots children need at diffent ages:

4 Dtap (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough))
3 Polio
3 Hepatitis B
1 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
at least 1 Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B
1 Varicella* (Chickenpox)
2 Hepatitis A
5 Dtap (5th shot not needed if 4th was after age 4)
4 Polio (4th polio may not be needed if 3rd was after age 4)
3 Hepatitis B
2 Varicella*
Age 7 through 6th grade
at least 3 Dtap/Td
at least 3 polio
3 Hepatitis B
2 Varicella*
7th grade through 12th grade
at least 3 Dtap AND 1 Tdap shot required at age 11 or older**
at least 3 polio
3 Hepatitis B ***
2 Varicella*
1 Meningococcal (At age 11-12 years)


Additional Information:

*If the child has already had chickenpox disease, varicella shots are not required but the child's doctor must sign a form.
**Unless a Tdap (tetanus and diphtheria) was given after the 7th birthday; then it must be repeated 10 years after the last dose.
***An alternate two-dose schedule of Hepatitis B may also be used for kids from age 11 through 15 years.

These are the shots the school law requires. Parents may get a legal exemption from the school law for medical reasons or conscientiously held beliefs. A Pupil Immunization Record form can be found at:

The Minnesota Department of Health has a very helpful handout on immunizations. You can find it using the link above. You can also get more information by calling your doctor, clinic or health plan.