We Decide

Our goal is to identify, train, support, and recognize chemically free student leaders.

Our beliefs are:
1) Strong student leadership can help students set goals, resist influences to use chemicals, and reward safe and healthy behavior.
2) Students can play a powerful, and positive role in helping to prevent chemical use problems among their classmates
3) Students can play a significant role in helping classmates who are experiencing chemical use problems to find professional and compassionate support and treatment.
4) All student leaders can be encouraged and assisted to be chemically health free role models for their peers, regardless of past choices and behavior.
5) Positive student leadership is a key component of any school and community prevention effort.
6) School administrators are in a key role to influence policy developed and provide support for student leadership to emerge.

Red Flags
It is not always possible to predict behavior that will lead to student violence, some of the warnings signs that teachers, parents, and others should look for are:

A student who withdrawls from other students
a student who is a victim of violence, either at home or at school
a student who is picked on, left out, teased, or bullied
a student who expresses violence in writings and drawings
Uncontrolled Anger
a student who displays frequent and intense anger in response to minor.

Chemically Free: By Gary U.
So you want to know why I'm chemically free? There are so many reasons why I choose not to pollute my body with that stuff. Right now, I feel that I am in the prime of my life, guess what, I feel that the prime of my life will last the rest of my life, so why ruin it with things that will drive me mentally and physically into the ground. The biggest reason I stay away from drugs, alcohol, and any other bad chemicals is my family. I would do anything for my family, especially my little brother and my mother. It would rip my mom to shreds if I did drugs because she knows I am better than that. I have all these goals and things I want to do with my life , and she would be hurt if I threw away everything not only I worked for, but she worked for. I also want my brother to stay away from that stuff because I want him to strive to be better, to want the sunshine of life and not the shadows of drugs. I know he is a smart kid, I know he'll make the right decisions, and I know I'll be there to back him up and help him out when he needs me. My dad plays a huge role in me being chemically free, and allots of people look at me and asks why, because my dad has been no part of my life for six years, and no good part of my life before that. But my dad told me I would fail, I wouldn't make it, and guess what, I wanted to, and did prove him wrong, time and time again. My uncle and Aunt are close to my age(24 and 22) both messed up their lives with drugs, one dug out of the hole they dug by working hard and getting their life back on track, the other has given up, I think. But both of them tell me how glad, and proud of me they are, because I kept my life clean. Of course, my grandpa plays a big role in my being clean, he is the coolest old guy I know, but he's cool because of his cleanliness, not because he is a druggy. My girlfriend is also a big part of me being this way. We always tell each other, no, promise each other that we will both stay clean, no matter what. She supports me, I support her, her mom and dad support me, and my mom supports her. Together, my girlfriend, Ashley and I, can overcome the obstacles that are thrown our way, hand in hand of course. Can you guess who one of my biggest reasons I am this way is? My friends of course, I am friends with literally any one. I was a loser, so I am friends with the losers, but they aren't losers to me. I help them the same as I help anyone. I'm friends with the "preps", they have me allot by being there for me, giving me a helping hand if I ask. And I am chemically free, but I am friends with the stoners. All of my stoner friends know I am clean, and they respect that. I don't think they would even let me do drugs, even if I wanted to. I am friends with the best of them and the worst of them, but guess what, they all help me in many ways. Finally, the biggest influence in me being chemically free, is, well of course, me. I chose to be this way, I choose not to hurt my mother, to lead my brother well, and to be friends with who I wanted to be friends with. No one could decide this for me, just like I can't decide anything for anyone else. I wouldn't change a single thing about me, my life, or anyone else's. All I can do is thrive for what I believe is right.