School Board Policy Manual

Nevis Public Schools

Independent School District 308


Table of Contents

School Board Policy 425



The purpose of this policy is to establish a staff development program and structure to carry out planning and reporting on staff development that supports improved student learning.


A. The District will establish a Staff Development Committee to develop a Staff Development Plan and evaluate staff development efforts.

B. The majority of the membership of the Staff Development Committee shall consist of teachers representing various grade levels, subject areas, and special education. The Committee also will include nonteaching staff, parents and administrators.


A. The Staff Development Committee will develop a Staff Development Plan which will be reviewed and subject to approval by the School Board once a year.

B. The Staff Development Plan must contain the following elements:

1. Staff development outcomes which are consistent with the education outcomes as may be determined periodically by the School Board;

2. The means to achieve the Staff Development outcomes;

3. The procedures for evaluating progress at each school site toward meeting educational outcomes;

4. Ongoing staff development activities that contribute toward continuous improvement in achievement of the following goals:

  1. Improve student achievement of state and local education standards in all areas of the curriculum by using best practices methods;
  2. Effectively meet the needs of a diverse student population, including at-risk children, children with disabilities, and gifted children, within the regular classroom and other settings;
  3. Provide an inclusive curriculum for a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse student population that is consistent with state education diversity rule and the district’s education diversity plan;
  4. Improve staff collaboration and develop mentoring and peer coaching programs for teachers new to the school or district;
  5. Effectively teach and model violence prevention policy and curriculum that address early intervention alternatives, issues of harassment, and teach nonviolent alternatives for conflict resolution; and

C. The Staff Development Committee will evaluate staff development efforts in the schools and will report to the School Board on a yearly basis the extent to which staff at the site have met the outcomes of the Staff Development Plan.

D. The Staff Development Committee shall assist the School District in preparing any reports required by the Department of Education relating to staff development including, but not limited to, the reports referenced in Section VII. below.


A. Unless the School District is in statutory operating debt or a majority of the School District Board and a majority of its licensed teachers vote to waive the requirement to reserve basic revenue for staff development, the School District will reserve an amount equal to at least two percent of its basic revenue for: in-service education for violence prevention programs to help students learn how to resolve conflicts within their families and communities in non-violent, effective ways; staff development plans; curriculum development and programs; other in-service education; teachers’ workshops; teacher conferences; the cost of substitute teachers for staff development purposes; preservice and in-service education for special education professionals and paraprofessionals; and other related costs for staff development efforts.

B. The School District may, in its discretion, expend an additional amount of unreserved revenue for staff development based on its needs.


A. On a yearly basis, the Staff Development Committee shall prepare a projected budget setting forth proposals for allocating staff development. Such budgets shall include, but not be limited to, projections as to the cost of building site training programs, costs of individual staff seminars, and cost of substitutes.

B. Upon approval of the budget by the School Board, the Staff Development Committee shall be responsible for monitoring the use of such funds in accordance with the Staff Development Plan and budget. The requested use of staff development funds must meet or make progress toward the goals and objectives of the Staff Development Plan. All costs/expenditures will be reviewed by the School Board and/or Superintendent for consistency with the Staff Development Plan on a yearly basis.

C. Individual requests from staff for leave to attend staff development activities shall be submitted and reviewed according to school district policy, staff procedures, contractual agreement, and the effect on school district operations. Failure to timely submit such requests may be cause for denial of the request.


A. Prior to September 30 of each year, the School District shall prepare a report of the previous fiscal year’s staff development results and expenditures and submit it to the Commissioner of the Department of Education (Commissioner).

1. The report will include expenditures by the School Board for district-level activities and expenditures made by the staff.

2. The report will provide a breakdown of expenditures for:

  1. curriculum development and programs;
  2. in-service education, workshops, and conferences; and
  3. the cost of teachers or substitute teachers for staff development purposes.

Within each of the foregoing categories, the School District will indicate on the report whether the expenditures were incurred at the district level or the school site level.

B. The School District will utilize the reporting form and/or system designated by the Commissioner.

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