Title 1 Reading E-Day Lesson Plan – Mr. Schroeder

Good morning students.  Today is an E-Day!  That means you will be completing your work for me at home today.  I have written up instructions, as well as my expectations, for your E-Day.  Your assignment will be similar to as if you were in my classroom.  Follow the directions carefully, complete the assignment, and have a great E-Day.  Remember, just because you’re not in school today, doesn’t mean you can’t learn today.  I’m counting on you! 


  1. Click on the following link to go to Raz Plus.  www.raz-plus.com/books/leveled-books/ 
  2. Click on the reading level letter that you are currently working at in Title 1.  (If you can’t remember what level you’re on, I have provided the levels below that go with each grade K-3.  Click on the different levels at your grade until you recognize some of the books that we have recently done in class.)
  3. Click on a book of your choice that we have NOT done in class.
  4. It is OK if you want to listen to the E-book before you read the E-book.
  5. Before you start reading, write your name on top of a blank piece of paper.  Then write the name of the book that you are going to read today.
  6. As you read your book, write down any words that you didn’t know or really struggled with.  (If a parent or an adult is with you, ask them to help you with the words you didn’t know)
  7. Read the book again for fluency (smoothness) and understanding.
  8. Bring your paper back to me when you return to my class and I will ask you questions about your book.  Then I will listen to you read your book for fluency (smoothness).


If you do this assignment as I have instructed, you should be able to answer my questions about your book and read it to me well when you return.  Remember, I’m counting on you!


Level Correlation Chart

aa – A – B – C 
First Grade
D – E – F – G – H – I - J
Second Grade
K – L – M – N – O – P
Third Grade
Q – R – S - T